Why Women Are Flocking to Online Poker

The popularity of online poker is not limited to 20-year-old male upstarts tearing it up on the WSOP scene. Poker is gaining traction with the fairer sex, and this is shifting expectations in a big way. The strategic game has been a mainstay of male players for decades, but the rapid rise of female poker superstars has put paid to the notion of male dominance. The latest poker boom has seen more females dominating than ever before, and this trend is a new reality that is here to stay. The richest female poker players can certainly hold their own with the big boys of the game. Back in 2013, stats by PokerPages revealed the richest stars including: Vanessa Selbst with earnings of $7.5 million, Kathy Liebert with earnings of $5.5 million, Vanessa Rousseau with earnings of $3.5 million, Annette Obrestad with earnings of $3.4 million, and Jennifer Harman with earnings of $2.6 million. The big money is in poker tournaments – online and off-line. It comes as no surprise that the top money earners in female poker are also ranked among the most attractive female poker players.

This begs the question: who will be the next poker Queen of Hearts?

Ladies Are Off the Rails and in the Game

Gone are the days of poker being sold to a male audience with lingerie-clad woman holding poker chips at a tournament. Nowadays, poker is a gender neutral game which highlights the seriousness with which male and female players feel about the game. One of the most talented female poker stars is Kara Scott, an 888poker ambassador. After years of being behind the cameras, she decided to take to the tables. Getting off the rail and into the game was the best thing she did, and she’s inspiring a whole new generation of female poker stars to compete in online poker tournaments and land-based tournaments.

Yet despite the newfound interest in poker, women are a little slow to take up the reins. The old boys club is still a reality for the most part, but the ladies are proving that if the men can’t take the heat they will have to give up their seat. The stats confirm male dominance of poker: > 90% of players are men and < 10% of players are women. Women are gradually taking to traditional poker, but this pales in comparison to the rate at which women are registering at online poker rooms. Since there is no need for physical interaction online, women generally feel a lot more comfortable registering an online poker account, buying into a game and competing against fellow players. Online poker is gender neutral. The intimidation factor is absent online, and this allows women to play their natural game – a mix of caution and aggression. The online arena allows for a casual and engaging experience. It also provides an opportunity for greater efficiency, especially at low-stakes buy-ins.

Online Poker Provides All the Perks and None of the Twerps!

It has been suggested that women play poker as a form of escapism, while the men tend to play for the bravado and adrenaline-loaded action. Whether the social reasons for playing online poker are true for women or not, there is no doubt that the ladies are enjoying online poker. The casual nature of online poker is enticing to many players – men and women. You don’t need to get all dressed up to buy into a high-stakes poker tournament. You can put your feet up on your pillow, power up your mobile or PC and enjoy a big-money poker contest from the comforts of home. Besides for the cost savings related to travel, accommodation and food expenses, online poker is simply more convenient. With online poker, ladies needn’t worry about the unsolicited advances of troglodytes, offensive smokers, or drunken slobs. With online poker games, women get treated as equals – and this allows them to play their natural game with skill, strategy and wisdom.

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