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Ragnaroth Free RPG for Playbook and Blackberry 10


Ragnaroth Free RPG for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Ragnaroth Free RPG: Addicting action RPG with gambling elements.
Otes the right-hand man of King Baromes was send to an unsought land. Some of the best fighters attended him. But only a few survived the dangerous monsters in the woods, many were killed by their lord Ragnaroth. The survivors built a camp in the hope to get some relief from the King.
A young stranger arrives the camp, he has to learn much. But Otes sees that he is able to change everything …
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Discover different fields
Fight against monsters and cruel bosses
Gain experience and level up your hero
Build your own hero with stat points
You decide what his special strengthen are
Be a quick, lucky or defensive figher, that’s all your choice
Find items and weapons with randomized powers
Create your unique powerful weapon
Combine your weapon with special items or monster cards
Upgrade the attack power of your weapon
Make your attacks more powerful by using different scrolls
Solve quests to receive new weapons and better items
Dafeat the lord of the land and receive epical items
Touch screen optimized game control
PLEASE NOTE: This rpg is developed by only 1 personal besides my normal 40hours/week job. Please don’t compare it to games from Gamevil/Com2US etc. who are producing a game by a team with 20-50 people.
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### FAQ for Ragnaroth Free RPG ###
***STARTING:Before fighting monsters please spend your avaliable stat points and equip your “Wooden Stick”. You can access the character and bag screen by pressing your MENU BUTTON.***
***WEAPON:To equip a weapon please PRESS your MENU BUTTON. Tap on “Items” and then pull down the “WEAPON” bar. There you can insert a weapon!***
||||PLAYERS who can’t equip the weapon plese post your problem at the Facebook site, there I will try to help you!||||
***BOSSES:The most maps do have bosses spawning. The spawn time is randomized for each map.***
@COMMENTS: Thank you all for the nice comments.When you have problems please visit the Ragnaroth Free RPG site on Facebook or contact me via email. I can’t answer to your comments!***
@TABLET USERS: This free RPG game was optimized for devices with a density of 240dpi. ROOT users may change it.
Please note: This free rpg game is still in development phase (beta) and your gameing experience may change after installing updates! Please report bugs on the Facebook site! Thank you!
This free RPG is single player only (for now)!
TAGS: role playing game, action rpg, ragnarok, single player rpg

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