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Dragsters for Blackberry 10

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UpdatedApril 21, 2013
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Drag Race down the track to get the best time. Start the season and hit the brackets, smoke the competition to win prizes and get points.
Gather more points than the other drivers to the win the season championship cash prize.
Build up your bank roll to compete in multiple levels of dragsters with increasing speed. Get to the top fuel class to start laying down sub 4 second passes!
How to play
– Start with a burn out to heat up the tire. Warm tires grip better
– Work the throttle to keep the engine wrapped up for the start of the race
– Drop the clutch on green
Burn out
– A good burn out should lay down good rubber and also make your competitor wait for you in staging.
– Tires that sit longer cool more and loose more acceleration up in smoke.
The Tree
– Once you are a pro the tree no longer counts three yellows.
– In pro mode all three yellows flash together once before green
– There is a half second delay between the lights.
– Try to time the tree to get the best jump.
– If you wait for the light to light up green before starting you will have a poor reaction time
– Leave too soon and get a foul start a to end your day early
Driver Skill
– Dont destroy your vehicle.
– Drivers that are wreckless with their dragster will not have a tough time being competitive.
– If you overheat your engine you will cause damage to your parts.
– Damaged parts produce less power

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