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Slash of the Dragoon for Blackberry


Slash of the Dragoon for Blackberry

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A new, innovative, free-to-play action RPG has arrived!
Swipe and slash through the flying blocks in this innovative, action-packed battle system.

-Presenting Slash of the Dragoon:
On the day when night refused to lift,
and the world was locked in gloomy darkness,
where fierce monsters swelled in number,
the people knew:
The balance of the five elements had been broken.
They came to protect the lives of the weak.
They came to restore the balance of the five elements.
They came to stand against the monster horde.
They are the dragoons.
This is a world of monsters and swords.
This is the story of the dragoons.
Come, join the guild of dragoons and venture into the world!

• A refreshingly innovative, action-packed battle system.
Swipe through flying blocks to release their power and attack the enemy.
Use your wits to vanquish your foes.
Cut through two blocks in one straight line to perform a Straight Slash!

• Over 300 types of monsters. Upgrade and evolve your monsters to become the best.
Each monster has an element, a skill, and a leader skill.
Build your party strategically and utilize your monsters to their fullest.
Combine monsters to improve and evolve your favorites…
…and build an invincible party!

• Upgrade your sword and reach new heights.
Dragoons’ swords are their weapons—equip and upgrade your own.
Collect materials and make your sword the best!

• Play with your friends on Facebook or Google+.
Invite your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family and build a party together.
Connect with Facebook or Google+ and see your friends’ progress on the map,
earn more friend points to win free monsters, and more!

• Supports horizontal and vertical play. [*Tablet devices are also supported.]
Play how you like—horizontal or vertical, tablet or smartphone.

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