Essential Playbook and BB10 Apps

When you first purchase your Blackberry 10 phone or the Playbook you want to get some apps right away. This is our most essential list of software you want.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

AVG TuneUp – Battery Saver for Blackberry 10


AVG TuneUp – Battery Saver for Blackberry 10

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Updated April 17, 2013
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Optimize your smartphone or tablet for longer battery life, more stability and increased performance!
With a range of easy to use smart utilities like a task killer, power saver, storage space manager and data usage monitor, you can fine tune your mobile device to keep it running more smoothly and potentially at faster speed. It can even keep track of your mobile data usage to help you make sure that you don’t go over your data limit.
Install the AVG TuneUp Widget on your device’s home screen so you always have a quick snapshot of what’s going on with your device.
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With AVG TuneUp you get:
More Power – extend your battery life.
More Stability – kill tasks to improve device stability and potentially speed it up.
More Space – review and remove unwanted apps or move them to an SD card to free up internal memory.
More Control – monitor mobile data usage so you do not go over the limit and pay extra.
Product features:
Battery Consumption:
● Extend your battery life – set an alert to let you know when you run out of juice so you can turn off specific functions to save power for when you need it most.
● Monitor apps, utilities and services power consumption.
● Power Saving Options – lists the utilities and services that are draining your device’s juice and lets you set which ones you want to switch off or change to save power.
Task Killer:
● Many apps and services are running on your device which may affect your device’s speed and stability. Task killer lists the active apps, games, utilities and services on your device, tells you how much memory they, for how long they’ve been active, and lets you stop the ones you don’t need running to free up memory space and potentially speed up your device.
Data Usage:
● Stop worrying about how much data you use by setting up your mobile data alerts. AVG TuneUp will let you know when you’re nearing your limit so you can make the right decisions.
● See a breakdown of data usage per app, the total amount you used and how much remains. Customise your alerts based on data size, usage frequency, start date and alert threshold.
Storage Usage:
● With space at a premium on your phone, it’s good to know what’s on it so you can free up space for the things you really want.
● We all have apps we no longer use or run in the background without us necessarily knowing, so if your device freezes up often, easily delete the ones you don’t want to help get things running smoothly and potentially speed it up.
● Storage Usage Monitor: find out how much internal memory and SD card space you’re already using and how much is left, with a list of all the apps and utilities that are on your phone and how much space they use. Simply delete the ones that you don’t want any more to make room for the things you do. You can also move apps from the internal memory to the SD card.
Start taking control over your device’s performance today with AVG TuneUp! The design is straightforward and easy to use. Fine tune your mobile device with: battery saver, task killer, data usage, and storage space manager.
Download FREE now!
For more info visit the AVG site:

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