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Fuel Buddy for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


Fuel Buddy for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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UpdatedMay 3, 2013
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Fuel Buddy is your one stop shop for all your vehicles fuel consumption and cost needs. It provides the right amount of information in a simple and non-cluttered manner. The UI is designed for ease of use.
Some of the highlights of Fuel Buddy are:
1) Various statistics are available to track and improve fuel efficiency
2) Graphs can be generated to view performance of your vehicles
3) Multiple settings available to track fill-ups (kilometers, miles, litres, gallons(US), gallons(UK))
4) Fuel Efficiency can be viewed in various formats (km/l, l/100km, mpg(US), mpg(UK))
5) Supports partial fill-ups
6) Data can be exported and imported as CSV files to phone memory(internal or external)
7) Data can be exported onto your Google Drive account for backup and can be imported again onto the same or a different device
8) Multiple vehicles supported
9) Possible to add records using odometer reading or trip distance
10) Option to pre-fill values from previous fill-up when adding a new fill-up
11) Currencies of all countries have been incorporated
12) App can be saved on external card
Multiple settings are available to make the app suitable for all countries. Besides giving details for each trip, Fuel Buddy also calculates statistics such as Distance Travelled Between Fill-ups, Average Efficiency to date, Average Price/Qty, and much more. These statistics can be viewed as graphs to track performance.
You can also export and import all data to your Google Drive account, or your phone memory for viewing later or as backup. Data imported onto your google drive account can be downloaded into Fuel Buddy installed on another device.
Working on the following features for the next version:
1) Find gas stations with prices in the vicinity
2) PDF Report builder
Please feel free to write to me with any comments, feedbacks or suggestions at

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