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How Cold Is It? for Playbook and Blackberry 10


How Cold Is It? for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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UpdatedJanuary 19, 2013
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A live wallpaper, groovy yet elegant, that changes color depending on the outside temperature. Deep red when it’s smoldering hot, icy white when it’s freezing. Multiple background patterns are included, like retro baroque wallpapers, funky flowers and shiny metal. Summer, winter, autumn or spring: the weather decides the color of your phone. Very customizable, very much fun.
– This version is ad-supported. Note that there are no ads on the wallpapers (that would be hideous!) but only on the settings screen. If you don’t want the ads or feel like giving a donation to the developer, get the full version instead (search for ‘how cold is it’ in the Android market or go to
– Known bugs: sometimes the darn wallpaper gets all stubborn and shows up with weird black edges and multiple temperatures layered on top of each other. This app is developed by a working student with little to no spare time, so if it happens a lot please just nag me until I fix it, or better yet, get the paid version to motivate me 😉

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