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Twidere - Twitter client for  Playbook and Blackberry 10


Twidere - Twitter client for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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Version 0.1.6
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Updated August 7, 2012
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Twitter client, ∞
Twidere is a powerful Twitter and (Use basic auth) client for Android 1.6+, which gives you a full Holo theme and much more.
“Force SSL Connection” is only useful for users in China! API requests are already SSL enabled by default!
It’s HIGHLY RECOMMEND to update to 0.1.5 version, it’s more stable and has “extensions” feature to make Twidere more powerful!!!
Twidere is not designed for, but you can still use it. In order to use, you should set REST Base URL to API url of, and set auth type to Basic.
* Preview, open and save images from many services like instagram, imgly, yfrog, twitpic, sina weibo etc
* Tablet support
* Custom API Proxy (gtap, twip tested)
* Filters (block unwanted tweets)
* Draft feature (not finished now)
* link auto expanding
* GZip compressing for API requests
* Adjustable text size
* View conversation
* Two themes (dark and light theme)
* Multiple account support
* Free and open source, without any ads!
I started a crowdin project, so anyone can do something for Twidere. Visit here:
After you updated to 0.1.5 version, stored home timeline/mentions may lost, it’s NOT a bug!
Twidere will update databases use its own method to prevent data loses, but this may cause application not responding for several seconds after update. Please be patient if you got ANR after an update.
Twidere is licensed under GPLv3, source code is available in my github and Google code page!
Icon designers:
@lordfriend!/lordfriend (0.0.13_TESTING version)
@ilovinheart!/ilovinheart (0.0.7 version)
@Rieya!/Rieya (0.0.6 version)
Thanks to her excellent design!
TAGS: twitter, holo, ics, jelly bean, ice cream sandwich, proxy, gtap, twip
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