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NewsHog (Google News) for Blackberry 10


NewsHog (Google News) for Blackberry 10

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UpdatedDecember 16, 2013
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Listed by USA TODAY among 25 Essential Kindle Fire Apps
NewsHog is the most comprehensive and feature rich ad free news aggregator on Google Play. NewsHog gives you the most news on any topic or location of your choice, aggregated via Google News!
NewsHog is designed for avid news readers who want the latest news on their fingertips. Whether you are sitting down comfortably to read, or on-the-go, or even sleeping, NewsHog is there for you! Designed around the concept of channels (topics) rather than individual sources, NewsHog currently has more than 100 preconfigured channels (top news, business, technology, sports, etc., many more to be added soon) aggregating thousands of sources via Google News.
NewsHog also includes Google News Regional Editions for many countries, custom channels for any keyword, and even local news for any state, city or zip code. NewsHog is optimized for both phones and tablets (especially 7″ and 10″ tablets like Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab), with a list layout for phones and CNN, BBC News or Flipboard like optional grid and tile layouts for tablets. In short, NewsHog takes the Google News experience to the next level.
Key Features:
* 100+ preset channels (tech, business, etc.), aggregated via Google News.
* Read full articles formatted beautifully for the mobile/tablet screen.
* Use Text to Speech to listen to news when you are on the go.
* Create custom channels for any keyword (eg. Olympics), city or zip code.[1]
* Get instant access to articles pre-downloaded to save you time.
* Articles are downloaded automatically for offline reading.
* Choose between list, grid and tile layout for 7″ plus tablets.
* Use Text to Speech Alarm to wake up to the latest news.
* Save articles for reading later within NewsHog or save to Pocket.
* Automatic country detection for Google News regional editions.[2]
* Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
* Easily change font size in article view by pinching in article view.
* Shake phone/tablet to easily pause/play Text to Speech.
* Easily translate articles via Google Translate service.
* Swipe to easily change channel or read next article.
* Filter out read articles to only see unread articles, mark liked articles.
* Find articles containing any keyword using search option.
* Shake device to bypass lockscreen and access NewsHog (optional).
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Coming soon: Ability to add individual sources such as CNN News, BBC, USA Today, Forbes, etc., Reader mode for custom channels, widget, and more!
[1] Full articles in reader mode are not available currently for custom channels.
[2] Region can also be selected manually from Preferences. Not all channels have regional editions. Google News Regional editions currently available for USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Ireland, Israel, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
Keywords: Google News, Google Reader, Summly, iReddit, USA Today, Pulse, Zite, Flipboard, Taptu, Google Currents, CNN News, ABC News, Fox News, Forbes, BBC News, Pudding Monsters, Feedly, The Economist, Google News and Weather, Times of India, NewsHunt, News Apps for Tablets, News Republic, Googl, Goggle, Local News, US News, World News, Wavii, Latest News, Yahoo News, Umano, Drudge Report, News360, Google Reader
Note: Please email for bugs or other feedback instead of commenting on the Market, as we cannot contact you there to resolve your problem.
NewsHog is NOT an official app of Google News and is not affiliated with Google.

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