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OneMediaHub for Blackberry 10


OneMediaHub for Blackberry 10

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Version 12.1.6
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Updated April 22, 2013
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After installing OneMediaHub on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, your pictures, music, videos, files, contacts, and calendar are automatically secured in the cloud, and available on your other mobile devices, computers, and the website. With the OneMediaHub app, you have all your important stuff with you to view, manage or share with your friends and family no matter which device you happen to be carrying.
No more worries about losing valuable memories or records. No more disappointing moments as you try to show or share a picture that you took on your ‘other’ device. OneMediaHub has your stuff backed up and accessible from any device.
Features include:
• Auto-upload of music, pictures, videos and files from your device to the cloud
• Visual presentation of all tracks, pictures, videos, and files in the cloud via lightweight thumbnails allowing you to selectively view, download, share, and more
• Playback of your videos and music tracks
• Sharing of pictures, videos and files via email or to facebook, twitter, youtube and more
• Your contacts and calendar in sync across your smartphone, tablet, and computer
• Apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Windows, and Mac OS
• Website for managing all your digital content from any modern web browser
If you are connecting to servers other than (e.g. AOL, Community Edition, etc.), do not download this app. An app called ‘FunV10’ in the Market may be used to connect to servers other than
OneMediaHub and ‘One Media Hub’ are synonymous of the very same product. One Media Hub may be used to search the application in the app store.
OneMediaHub is provided by Funambol, Inc.

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