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fUNICODE for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


fUNICODE for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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UpdatedApril 1, 2013
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Introducing the fUNICODE app for Android, bringing all the power of the popular web-based transmogrifier to your fingertips!
Turn your text upside down, flip it around, convert it to binary, hexadecimal, or a MD5 hash. Also includes many other wacky transformations.
Once you’ve transmogrified some text, you can even copy the transformations into your clipboard and post it to the web, in an email, or to your favorite social networks.
NOTE: Even as of 4.2, Android’s Unicode support is a bit lacking. As a result, some characters may not appear inside transformation rows (the entire row might even be blank). Never fear, however, as the characters themselves are still there; if you post the transformation online and view it on a device capable of supporting those Unicode characters, you’ll see them just fine.

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