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Kids Pedia - ColorMagician(RU)


Kids Pedia - ColorMagician(RU)

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Updated December 12, 2012
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★Interactive Pedia games to stimulate and challenge children’s imagination – The Color Magician★
Originally from「Fruit Rabbit Kids Pedia」
★Hundreds of learning chapters with multiple units★
˙Science, Geography, Mathematics, Languages, Art, Sports, Health, Psychology, and other subjects
˙Hundreds of stories using animation to help children grasp new concepts and ideas
˙Thousands of interactive learning games to increase your child’s knowledge.

★ Interactive Pedia games to stimulate and challenge children’s imagination – The Color Magician ★
Pedia joining in interactive games, learning become enjoyable!“The Color Magician”is from the brand new “Fruit Rabbit Kids Pedia”, which helps children to have fun learning. Using the chameleon to change colors allows your child to identify basic colors in their environment. The content contains animated tutorials, and two interactive games after the unit: “Draw the Chameleon what you want” & ”The Hungry Chameleon”, strengthen the child’s color impression & recognition.

Pedia game Features
1. Professional educators have tailored this program for pre-school children.
– To enrich children knowledge, showing interesting and varied teaching content.

2. One unit has five learning objectives.
– Recognize the vocabulary, animated story, unit review, game challenges & practical experience, etc.
– Improve children’s interest in learning, and so that parents understand more about how their children learn.

3. Bilingual learning allows children to expand their international horizons and not solely focus on their mother tongue.
-Each unit can select the native language or English.

4. Multi-language audio, listening, learning and having fun!
– Easily allows your children to learn as we have many languages selections.

5. “Fruit Rabbits” the lovely roles, your children like to touch & learn.
– The interesting roles design that children like very much, a colorful world of learning will make learning easy,
fun and interesting.

6. One unit˙ Multiple learning objectives
-Understanding of the nature of special animals – for example – a Chameleon, allowing the child learn to identify basic colors in our environment which will allow them to promote their brain development.
7. Pair games — stimulate the imagination and enhance responsiveness
– “Draw the Chameleon what you want”: Children can choose different colors, strokes, to create their own Chameleon.
-“The Hungry Chameleon”: Using Chameleon’s long tongue, try to see how many of the chameleon’s favorite insects you can eat.
8. Full of challenges, – The more you play, the more you learn.
-“The Hungry Chameleon”: The game features multiple levels, the insects that Chameleon like to eat will differ once you reach certain levels.

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