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Root Canal Doctor - Kids Game


Root Canal Doctor - Kids Game

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UpdatedMarch 4, 2014
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Root Canal Doctor is a fun game where you have to perform a variety of dental treatment on patient’s teeth root! Become a real doctor and practice dental treatment in this game!
You have to select number of patients various issues, and common dental problems.
Rotten teeth, tooth extractions, cleanings, and root canals are just at the beginning at of game!!
9+ various treatments included in this game such as Root Canal, Tooth Extraction, Crowns placement and many more. Do all the treatment properly.
Be a real dentist, make patient’s mouth insensitive then continue with dental treatment with using the tools on each tooth, or set of teeth! Become a Dentist with this app! Makeover your patients mouth, and make their tooth white, clean & shiny.
Graphics of this game is very attractive which make this game more interesting.
Various dental tools available in toolkit inside the game use all that tools for treatment.
At the beginning of the game choose your patient then start dentist treatment.
Get free entertainment at few fingertips in this game! Really very addictive dentist game also learns some basic dental treatment in funniest way.

How to Play?

Phase 1:

Let’s start treatment with light tool, switch on light and see dirt inside mouth.

Skin Wrapper:
Put skin wrapper on mouth and drag skin down to put injection on mouth.

Tongue press tool :
Use this tool to press tongue and stop tongue movement.

Give injection on mouth to start treatment of kids.

See scanner view of mouth and detect infected dent in mouth

Fit the braces on infected dent

Use dryer to dry infected dent inside mouth.

Apply drill on dry dent and put hole on dent

Phase 2:

Blood Remover Stick:
Use blood remover stick to remove blood inside infected dent

Cream filler:
Fill cream inside dent using cream filler

Cream remover:
Remove the cream from infected dent using cream remover tool

Drop inside mouth in infected dent

Melt the solid drop using melter

Phase 3:

Wash dent and mouth of kids using shower

Water remover:
Remove water from mouth and clean mouth

Swell remover:
Place injection on swell and remove both swell using an injection

Dirt remover:
Remove dirt using cotton tissue and put cotton in dustbin after using it

Phase 4:

Germ Remover:
Remove small germs inside mouth and clean mouth

Tongue Cleaner:
Remove tongue dirt using tongue cleaner and clean tongue

Tooth Brush:
Brush the mouth of kid using tooth brush

Remove bubbles and clean mouth to complete treatment

Water remover:
Remove water inside mouth and dry mouth

Mouth Freshner:
Spray inside mouth using mouth freshener and be happy.

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