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Kids ABC Trains Beta Only


Kids ABC Trains Beta Only

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UpdatedFebruary 10, 2013
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*** This app is for beta users only ***
Those that submit their feedback via
will get a free paid version when it comes out (in a couple of weeks).
Intended for Kids ages 2-7
This great game invites preschool-aged children to learn the letters of the alphabet using trains and railroad as their tools.
★ What will my children learn?
With Kids ABC Trains, your preschool-aged kids will learn the alphabet letter names, will practice letter shapes, letter recognition, finding letters in context, and matching lower case to upper case letters.
The game has activities:
1. Build the Railroad. A fun way for kids to learn the name and the appearance of each letter in the alphabet. Kids will enjoy as each station lights up with the announcement of a letter.
2. Drive the Train. Kids get to practice making their very own letters, both upper and lower cases, by carefully tracing the letter on a railroad track with their choice of train car.
3. Garages with Surprises. Kids are now tested to see if they can find the right letter. They need to open the correct garage, in order for their engine to drive there and pull out a cargo car with a surprise.
4. Cargo Time. This activity teaches kids to recognize alphabet letters as they appear in words. As a result, preschoolers learn that words are made up of letters. Children are asked to load the correct cargo boxes into the train.
5. Engine Search. Children get to think fast on their feet as they match upper and lower case letters before the trains have time to move away.

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  • my 3 year is autistic and he loves this. its always great to find an app that he can follow and he likes though it doesn't happen often.
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-22
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