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The Fox and Stork - Kids Story


The Fox and Stork - Kids Story

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Updated November 29, 2012
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The Fox and the Stork Kids Story, Draw, Play and Record

The Fox and the Stork

Once upon a time a fox and a stork lived in a jungle. They were good friends. But the fox was very selfish. One day he thought of a plan to tease the stork.

The fox invited the stork for lunch. The stork accepted his invitation happily and reached on time for lunch. Now the fox played a trick and presented food in a very shallow plate.

The fox finished his food in no time but the stork was not able to have his food at all. Just the end of the stork’s long bill could get wet from the food. He remained hungry.

The fox gave a shrewd smile and said, “Oh! I am sorry you don’t like the food.” The stork said, “Don’t be sorry, the food was good.” Now the stork thought to take the revenge. He invited the fox for lunch the next day.

The fox accepted his invitation and reached for lunch to the stork’s place. The stork presented the food in a very narrow necked long jar.

The stork could easily finish his food but the fox was not able to eat his food at all. The fox could not enter his mouth in the narrow neck of the jar and remained hungry.

One should not expect good deed if he does something bad to the other person. Tit for tat.

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