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Mr. Vegetable Kids Story


Mr. Vegetable Kids Story

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Mr. Vegetable
Page 1: On every Sunday all the vegetables gathered in the vegetable market for the meeting. This Sunday Tomato and Brinjal were going to attend the meeting.

Page 2: All the vegetables gathered in the market. They were talking to each other and having fun. They were asking about the well being of each other. They wondered what would be the topic of today’s meeting.

Page 3: Suddenly Potato climbed on the stage and said, “hello friends! In the modern world in every society Mr. and Miss are selected. They represent the whole society. So why don’t we also select Mr. or Miss Vegetable among ourselves.

Page 4: All the vegetables exclaimed very loud, “Yes! Why not!” Beetroot said, “It’s a very good idea to organize such kind of competition.” “But who will be the judge of the competition,” said the Cucumber.

Page 5: Turnip said, “I suggest that brinjal should be the judge and this competition should be organized on the Vegetable Day.” Every one gave his consent to this.

Page 6: Everybody started the preparation for the competition. They were preparing for the catwalk on the ramp. Some vegetables were worried for their looks and some practiced for different poses.

Page 7: Now the great day has come. The judge Brinjal climbed on the stage and welcomed everyone. He gave his introduction. He said, “Now the competition begins. Vegetables will come on stage one by one, give their introduction and tell their qualities.

Page 8: Lemon came at first. He said, “Hi! I am lemon, I am yellow in color and enriched with vitamin C. Vegetables came on stage one by one. Pumpkin came in the end.

Page 9: When all the vegetables presented their selves, Brinjal came on stage and said, “That was excellent performance by all the vegetables. Now it’s the time to announce the winner. I chose the winner on the basis of quality not just by the looks.”

Page 10: Brinjal continued, “and the winner is Onion because he not only can be used uncooked as salad but also he can be cooked with all the vegetables. He is very friendly with other vegetables. He increases the taste of other vegetables and has many other qualities.”

Page 11: Then the crown ceremony was conducted. Everybody congratulated Onion for his win. All the vegetables cheered for him, “Hip Hip Hurrah!” Onion was very happy and feeling proud.

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