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Strength in Unity - Kids Story


Strength in Unity - Kids Story

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Strength in Unity – Kids Story

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Strength in unity

Page 1: Once upon a time, a flock of birds lived in the jungle. Every morning they set out and flew from one place to another in search of food.

Page 2: One day a hunter threw a net to catch these birds. He threw some seeds on the ground to attract the birds. As the birds were passing by one of them saw the seeds but he was unaware of the net.

Page 3: He pointed to the seeds said to the other birds, “Hey friends! We have got the food for today. Let us go and have it.” They all settled down to eat the seeds.

Page 4: When the birds finished their food and tried to fly again they found that they have trapped in the net and were not able to get out of it. They tried hard to escape but in vain.

Page 5: Then one wise bird suggested, “Let us fly together and take the net with us. We should leave this place immediately otherwise the hunter will come and catch us soon.”

Page 6: The wise bird continued, “We should go to the place where our friend mice live.” All the birds agreed to the suggestion and flew together with the net.

Page 7: They reached to the place where their friend mice lived and called them. All the mice came out from their holes at once and saw the birds trapped in the net. They felt bad for their friend birds.

Page 8: One of the mice said to the birds, ”Don’t worry friends, we have sharp teeth and we will cut the net in no time and you will be free soon.” They started to cut the ropes of the net.

Page 9: Soon the mice cut the entire net and made the birds able to get out of it. The birds came out of the net happily and thanked the mice for their great help. The mice were very happy to help the birds.

Page 10: The moral of the story is “unity is strength.” If we do something together we can succeed in toughest tasks and can solve the most complicated problems.

Content rating: Everyone

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