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The Greedy Lion - Kids Story


The Greedy Lion - Kids Story

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The Greedy Lion

Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a lion in the jungle. One fine morning he became hungry and was roaming here and there in search of food but he could not get it.

Page 2: Suddenly he heard some voice in the bushes. As he went near the bushes he saw a rabbit running out of it.

Page 3: The rabbit was very afraid of the lion and was trying to save himself from being caught. But the lion took a giant leap and caught the rabbit very easily. Now the rabbit was under the lion’s paws.

Page 4: As the lion got ready to eat up the rabbit he suddenly saw a deer. The lion became greedy. His mouth filled with water. Now he wanted to eat up the deer.

Page 5: He released the rabbit and ran after the deer. The rabbit got relaxed and ran away as quickly as possible. The lion chased the deer as fast as he could.

Page 6: The smart deer took giant leaps and ran away in the dense jungle. The lion struggled a lot to catch the deer but he got disappeared from the lion’s eyes.

Page 7: The foolish greedy lion neither got the rabbit nor the deer. The moral of the story is one should be satisfied with what he has and should not be greedy otherwise he loses whatever he has.

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