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Simple Bible - English (KJV)


Simple Bible - English (KJV)

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UpdatedFebruary 6, 2013
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※ Thank you very much for your big encouragement and support. I have tried to improve the app. as much as possible during the development by practical experiences. I hope this application can help you to read and meditate the whole Bible.

※ Contents
1. KJV (King James Version)
2. Extra Contents (Bible Reading Plan, 60 Bible Verses, The Lausanne Covenant, A Prayer, etc)

※ Offline Bible (Internet connection is not required.) – KJV is already included.
☞ The Holy Bible, King James Version®, KJV® Copyright © 1611 by King James I of England. No rights reserved.

※ Extra Contents
☞ Bible Reading Plan for 50 Days/Weeks
☞ 60 Essential Bible Verses
☞ The Lausanne Covenant
☞ The Lord’s Prayer and The Apostles’ Creed
☞ Bible Reading History (Save by Pressing menu in each chapter)
☞ Searching the Bible verses by words, Listening Audio, etc. (Touch long on the Bible text for the fast chapter selection)

※ Supporting Extra Large Screen (both portrait and landscape mode)
Supporting platforms are changed due to extra large screen is supported from android SDK version 9 which is android v2.3.1 or higher.

※ Since v2.0: Supporting Bible Audio Files (Accessible by the audio button in bookmark dialog)
☞ The app. can interact with audio files in “audio4bible” folder in external storage.
☞ Firstly, it checks version folder (kjv) for the audio file. If there is no audio file, then it checks default folder.
Default Audio Folder: eg. /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/
KJV Audio Folder: eg. /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/kjv/
☞ The audio file format needs to be “[Book]-[Chapter].mp3”, eg. /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/2Chronicles-36.mp3

※ Note! This app. provides the function working with audio files. It does not provide actual audio files. You may download audio files separately from following:
☞ Audio4Bible – Mark (, etc
For the books of gospels, search with the keyword “Audio4Bible”.

Kind regards,
God bless,

ps 1. You can distribute this application freely in any situation for His favor. 😉

ps 2. There are also Kid’s Bible Story series free apps.
You can find by searching with the keyword “KBS – Kids Bible Story”.
I hope this can help to the faith of our kids.

ps 3. I was waiting God’s direct talk from heaven since I became a Christian. My friends told me God is already talking to me through Bible. At the first time, it did not touch my heart. I could not hear the word from God during I was reading. But now I think I can hear mild voice from God after I have read Bible through several times. I still cannot clarify God’s voice explicitly, but I found that, pervasively, my life is in the way, that God would want me to be, through reading Bible. After my death, I really want to be praised by God: “Son, you have successfully completed your journey by holding my word”. To achieve this, I will read Bible, now, to make it a habit. I pray that this application can help, even though it is very tiny, to anyone who want to hear the word from God.

※ You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15

Recent changes:
※ v2.5
☞ All the advertisements in the application are removed.

※ Please write a briefly testimony about the Bible in comment. It does not have to be about this application. This will be appreciated and may please God that we share and encourage each other by His words. God bless!

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