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Edison hatched the Chicks


Edison hatched the Chicks

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UpdatedFebruary 3, 2013
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《Edison hatched the Chicks》 is a fun-filled story in 《VCM Baby Story》and in the collection of “Science Discovery Stories”. Dear parents, are your children particularly interested in small animals such as chicken family, cats, etc.? Do they sometimes like to imitate different behavior of small animals? In this story, Thomas Edison has a little old hen which refused to get out of its house but in the end can you guess the funny things that happened? I believe that your babies and children will be so interested in seeing it! Finally, do not forget to tell your baby the fact, for they might start thinking with their small innocent brains that Edison will not hatched the chicks!
《VCM Baby Story》is the expert author of early childhood education specifically for children aged 3 to 6 years old whose mission is to build children’s audio books stories ,which spreads more and more comprehensive scientific knowledge, which helps in the development and establishment of a child’s brain. The VCM designed the stories based on the children’s interest and thinking, they have completed and made four different collection of story namely “Science Discovery Stories”, “Human Body and Natural Stories”, “Plants, Animals and Nature Stories” and “Social Encyclopedia” four types of collection, containing eight small stories . Our company will provide a steady stream of excellent and rich stories, stories that are full of wisdom. We believe that these stories will be interesting to you and your baby and also bring endless joy and inspiration.
It is child’s nature to love watching, listening and playing. In the child’s eyes, the world around them is so new and amazing. The rich and vivid stories are made to guide children to feel the wider world surrounding them in a more effective way.
3 ~ 6 years old children’s minds are in state of urgent need of development, they are intensely curious of the outside world, with a wide range of ideas and questions, parents need guidance and answers. Therefore, we made a set of 《VCM Baby Story》which consists of “sounds, graphics, and texts”. Children can watch or have a closer look of the pictures while listening to the stories. Each story has wisdom to give in small problem after thinking, so let the kids watch, listen, and play with the interesting scientific knowledge stories and love them.
Each baby is a genius with unlimited potential. So, from the early childhood stage we wish your baby to grow healthy, happy and smart through some little and help and guidance of the VCM baby’s early scientific education.
The users of VCM baby story can use the QQ chat group 78,198,207, mainly for special offers and new product releases to share;
Service Hotline is 400 -670-3138, to answer all kinds of suggestions and inquiries of product users.
《VCM Baby Story》 features
Linguists proved through some experiments, that the children aged 3 to 6 years or early childhood stage, is the biggest and most important stage for their learning ability and creativity, in this stage they can easily absorb and master the knowledge that they hear, what they see in graphic form can also help to meet the child’s curiosity, allowing them to fully utilize qualified talent to accelerate learning.
★ Illustration – aside from rich and beautiful language used in the stories wonderful pictures or illustration made by our professional graphic artist can also add to the visual enjoyment thus making the stories lively and very interesting in your children’s eyes.
★ Interesting Common Sense – a large number of life scientific knowledge brought into the story’s development.
★ Beautiful Voice – warm and lively voice did not only make the story more vivid and more attractive to the baby’s interest and attention, but also replaces the parents from reading stories to the baby’s.
★ Software model – created with Flash, you can easily click to turn or switch from one page to another.

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