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UpdatedFebruary 3, 2013
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The ideal application of preschool. With the sounds made by a child learning to teach more kids in the house, practice for a baby or a child age, preschool.

The preschool is a fast learning time as we begin to prepare our children for aprendeer in kindergarten and at school in early childhood education.
Studies attest that the first three years of their child will be the most important for intellectual development, for all this must acquire concepts and skills such as the alphabet, vowels, colors, numbers, animals, instruments and all based on learning entertaining and fun.
The child who can identify letters, colors and numbers will be well prepared to learn how to pronounce and read. A fun and dynamic work rich in words and experience with books and education that your child will develop a love of reading, learning, education.
Via mobile and tablet the child interacts with the application and can learn as if it were a game.
Learn Playing The application makes learning fun and easy apreender. The basics of education are treated in it.
Recognize letters, numbers and colors are basic concepts of education to develop their skills and learning is important for your child and their future.
With this application you can learn and study the earliest concepts of Spanish (Spain), just squeezing the image and waiting for you to play the sound.
Includes those concepts studied in school throughout childhood education and will be updated gradually.

– Learn the colors: yellow, blue, purple, brown, green, gray, white, red, black, pink and orange.
– Learn the vowels
– Learn the shapes: square, triangle, circle, star, diamond, moon, pentagon and rectangle.
– Learn numbers: 0 to 10 + song numbers
– Learn the animals: elephant, lion, rooster, dog, frog, deer, goat, sheep, fly, bird, horse, cow, cat, monkey, bear and snake.
– Learn the alphabet: From A to Z + Lyrics alphabet.
– Learn the musical instruments: Spanish guitar, harp, flute, guitar, organ, cymbals, drums, piano, harp, timpani, trumpet, violin and xylophone.
– Video educational stories: Little Red Riding Hood tale, Fante elephant story, story of the three little pigs and the wolf, the rat presumed tale, tale of the fox and the raven, story of another king, the bears consentidios tale, tale Hansel and Gretel.

Besides the sounds, including a song, such as numbers or the alphabet, to learn that the little ones having fun.

You’ll enjoy watching your child learn, fun education in a practical, useful, playing.

The kids will thank you leave the mobile phone to learn playing the colors, numbers, shapes, alphabet, vowels, animals. We not only want to play the game angry bird or other entertainment, now has a tool to help educate your preschooler.

With this app will learn Spanish as a game for boys, girls, children, everyone will want to play with it.

Definitely the best way to learn Spanish from childhood or preschool learning concepts in school when they are babies, infant age children.

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Recent changes:
Version 4.0 * still working *
– SPORTS section is included.
– The section includes stories to read.
– TRANSPORT section is included.
– It añanden tales and stories, under Video – Tales.
(We continue to update and improve this app for the education of our children is more fun, enjoyable and easy. As the title Our intention is that the child learns as if it were a game)

Content rating: Low Maturity

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