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Meet Heckerty — Kids StoryBook

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UpdatedFebruary 1, 2013
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• Editor’s Choice, Mashable Kids Pick and named a “must have” by TUAW. Rated 5 stars by users & reviewers on iTunes and Amazon. Now on Android!
• Superb narration by famous BBC broadcaster; created by one of England’s most acclaimed storytellers.
• Ideal for kids and adults to improve English reading & vocabulary — to be read out loud or as a bedtime story. Perfect for ESL (English as a second language) and children on the autism spectrum.
• Rich, entertaining interactive animations and graphics. Kids enjoy the storytelling, learning words and spelling as they play, and discovering values like diversity, inclusiveness and caring at the same time.
• Designed for children alone or with an adult by choosing between the “Read to me” and “Read by myself” options.


Do you think learning can be funny? Meet Heckerty — she’s 409 years old, hilarious and has a heart of gold.

Kind and gentle, Heckerty learns every day from her own silly mistakes. And as kids laugh their way through her zany adventures and their magical interactive animations, they discover important life values — caring, inclusiveness, diversity and integrity.

Awarded Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review, a Mashable Kids Pick and a “must have” according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, “Meet Heckerty” delivers. The storyteller’s superb narration and the gentle animations of this interactive storybook make it ideal for children 3-8 years old, kids on the autism spectrum and anyone learning English as a second language (ESL).

Everyone loves Heckerty … and when you see your child’s language and reading improve while laughing with Heckerty, you’ll love her, too!

So download “Meet Heckerty” now and discover just how magical a great storybook can be!


Heckerty was created by Ann Rachlin, one of England’s most famous storytellers, and Ezra Rachlin as a kind and zany witch and gentle friend to young children as they enjoyed wonderful adventures together.

Heckerty’s endless, funny mistakes in her magic, the relationship with her cat Zanzibar and the story of her fellow witches and wizards make for marvelous stories and books. With Jan Ziff’s extraordinary storyteller performance as Heckerty, this apps is in the great British storytelling tradition that includes books like Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Beatrix Potter and Harry Potter.

Children of many of England’s best-known parents attended Ann’s classes — from royal families to top artists and numerous prominent figures. Over the years, hundreds and even thousands of kids met and loved Ann’s funny, green-faced Heckerty.

Meet Heckerty is an educational storytelling app designed to help learn reading, to improve English in children and adults and help those on the autism spectrum. Superb narration and gentle, funny animations done in a traditional style make Heckerty ideal as bedtime reading, for entertaining bored children or helping kids discover the fun of learning to read. This app is a rewarding experience that kids and adults enjoy over and over again on their smartphones and tablets – and one that teaches values like diversity, caring and tolerance while entertaining

This is the first storybook in the Heckerty storytelling series; it joins Ann’s wide range of records and books available around the world. The app has been awarded Editor’s Choice from Children’s Technology Review, been called a “must have” app by The Unofficial Apple Weblog and chosen as a Kids Pick by Mashable. Autism Speaks lists Heckerty on their website and it is also being used for ESL (English as a second language) education — the many five-star reviews on the web confirm the magic of this green-faced witch story for young and old alike!

Meet Heckerty runs on Android Phones and Tablets running ARM7 processor or later, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Recent changes:
The first in a series of Interactive children’s storytelling books — the updates include:
– New App icon
– Navigation and reading improvements

Content rating: Everyone

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