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UpdatedFebruary 1, 2013
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The Ca_se of Pe_ter Rab_bit: Chan_ging Condit_ions of Literatu_re for Children

Us_ing the examp_le of “The Tal_e of Peter Ra_bbit ” by Be_atrix Potter to explo_re the impact of new med_ia and te_chnologies on h_ow children learn about stories and reading, this b_ook investig_ates nearly 100 re-tellings in a variety of m_edia, some authorized by Potter’s publi_sher Frederick Warne, some unauthorized. It looks at the implications of conver_ging develo_pments in children’s literature: new media and techno_logies now readily avai_lable to children leading to new con_ventions and protocols of storyt_elling; changing commerc_ial pressures on publishers and an emphasis on producing commodities associated with boo_ks and videos; saturation marketing which targets children and a_dults in diffe_rent ways; and a cult_ural emphasis on the frag_mentation, adaptation, and re-working of texts.”The Tale of Pet_er Rabbit “is now available as picture book, chapter book, board and bath book, pop-up, vi_deo (in ve_rsions that adhere to the origi_nal story and versions that dev_iate radically to include “new adven_tures” or Chris_tian messages), ballet, CD_-ROM, comp_uter disc, audio tape, and filmstrip. The character of Peter Rabbit may be purchased as toy, clothing, dish, ornam_ent, wallpap_er, food, paper doll, and much else. His story and that of his author, Beatrix Potter, reappear in fragm_ented form in other books for children, in a murder myst_ery for adults, and in a graphic n_ovel for teenagers. This book rais_es questions about the impact of these develo_pments on young readers. Index. Appendix. Bibl_iography.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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