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UpdatedJanuary 31, 2013
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Releasing many famous fairy tales and original picture books with a lot of animation, music and tapping!
The ultimate search and connect adventure book for kids, now released!
Connect the people living in the world of the big map and “Connecto”!!
== FREE “Mr.Connecto – Town(daytime)” ==
== FREE “Three Little Pigs” ==
== FREE “The Bear Went Over The Mountain” ==
== FREE “First words for kids” for baby ==
8 months to 12 years of age
**Both adults and kids will love reading and playing it over and over again!**
We’ve selected must read stories for you and the young ones to read and play numerous times.
**High quality and genuine stories**
– Created with the finest teaching materials, narrations, BGM and illustration.
– All recorded BGM materials are tuned professionally to maximize quality.
– To optimize children’s reading experience, we’ve carefully designed every component in the app, including script, timing of movement and lovable characters.
** Keep kids fascinated! **
– Kids will be glued into reading, tapping and finding hidden characters every time they read.
** Enjoy Co-play **
– It is so well designed that not only kids but also adults can enjoy.
– You can switch off the “read to me” mode and read the script shown on screen by yourself.
** Mr.Connecto **
– When you tap characters, they will tell you what they want. Search for relating people that will fulfill their needs from the map and “Connecto”, make both of them happy!
– There are 50 characters in the map and they will randomly move around each time you start the app. So, you won’t get tired of playing “Connecto”.
– Kid’s favorite characters such as firefighters and police officers, people that are active in our daily lives, and hilarious ones will appear in “Connecto”. This is also a fun learning material for social studies.
** Adding new stories every month **
– We will be releasing new stories from around the world monthly.

** Fairy tales from the West **
– Three little pigs
– The little mermaid
– Cinderella
– Snow White
– Jack and the beanstalk
– King Midas has donkey ears
– The boy who cried wolf
– The little match-seller
– The ant and the cricket
– Pinocchio
– Hansel and Gretel
– The Ugly Duckling
– Little Red Riding Hood
– The Tortoise and the Hare
– The Wolf And The Kids
– The Honest Woodman
– The Emperor’s New Clothes
** Fairy tales from the East **
– The peach boy
– Honest old man
– Aladdin
– The monkey and crab
– Urashima Taro
– Plump old man
– The march of the Jizo
– The Crane’s Repayment
** First words for kids **
– Living room / dining room, Kitchen
– Bathroom
– Kids room, Exterior
– Playground, Town
– Numbers, Colors
– Body, Clothes
– Zoo, Aquarium
– Refrigerator
** Tap’n seek song book **
– The Bear Went Over The Mountain
– Wheels On The Bus
– Down By The Bay
– We Wish You a Merry Christmas
– Jingle Bells
– Silent Night
** Mr.Connecto **
– Town (daytime, dusk, evening)
– Shopping mall (winter, spring, summer)

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