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Reading Audio Books For Kids


Reading Audio Books For Kids

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Create audio books for your kids

Let your child play the audio books you recorded just by scanning a book’s bar code

This is a fun way of letting your toddler enjoy reading books without the need to know how to read (or when they start learning to read)

Recording your voice gives kids a chance to learn new vocabulary , color names, numbers, letters and pronunciation of words

Grandmother or grandfather can record a book to their grandchild’s and let them hear the recordings over and over again – as they always do 😉

Parents who travel frequently can record a book before a business trip and keep a better connection with their loved ones

Giving children good books at an early age will encourage them to be well read and smart individuals. Reading with children will encourage them even more so. Reading a story with children at bedtime is a part of many families’ bedtime routine and is an excellent way to let the kids relax just before they are to sleep. Not only will your children learn to love reading and become well-read, but they will love the time spent with you and the memories they are left with. They may even sleep better.

Reading helps in several different areas of a child’s mental health. Because the child spends time absorbing good writing and proper spelling and grammar, reading improves writing skills. Young kids who read much may also become more articulate because they are learning the language not simply by hearing it, spoken with so much colloquialism and different dialects, but by reading it.

Reading encourages a child’s imagination and develops creativity, as the stories he or she reads leave room for a child to add to them at will. It is especially good for children who are visual learners and have a good memory for what they see and read for themselves. If the child is an auditory learner, reading to him or her will work in a similar way.

Besides what are considered classics, there is a plethora of books for children that are educational, pleasing, fun and completely timeless. From Dr. Seuss, to Robert Munsch, to Beverly Cleary, and many wonderful children’s authors whose books will never grow old, there is something for everyone.

Even as kids go through their teen years, the books they read as they go from children’s books to more adult books will continue to help them develop in the same way that children’s books do.

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