Download the Good e-Reader App Store

538858Over 100,000 Apps for free – Good e-Reader has over 100,000 Android and Blackberry Apps and Games in our extensive library. Apps are updated every single day, if you notice one that is out of date, you can click on the arrow next to the version number. We focus heavily on curation. You may elect to download apps directly from your internet browser or our dedicated client.



timthumb.phpReview system – The Good e-Reader Android App Store has an extensive review system. You can leave a written review or just give your favorite app a star. The review system is available on the Good e-Reader website and also the app store client.



559283Optimized – The Good e-Reader App Store is ready to be installed on your Android Phone, Tablet or Blackberry 10 device! It is totally compatible with the Amazon Fire line of devices and also the Playbook. The design of our client is responsive to whatever size screen you are using.



 Cloud Storage – You need to register an account via Facebook or our own system. One of the big benefits to this new system is the Good e-Reader Cloud Storage! Any game or app you install will be left in the cloud. If you decide to install the App Store on a new device or one of the others in your fleet, all your favorite things will be immediately be available to download and install.

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