What is the Good e-Reader App Market?

The Good e-Reader Android and Playbook App Store  is your definitive source for quality Android and Playbook Games and Apps. We have over 33,000 apps on both platforms and give you a solid selection of content.

Why don’t you have a million apps?

We are obsessed with quality over quantity. There are thousands of fart, flashlight and clone apps out there,  and few are good. Every single week thousands of new apps are released and many are abysmal. At Good e-Reader we have the #1 curated app store. All of our content is hand-picked from Google Play and many others.

Can I download Apps from the Website?

Yes, we originally started Good e-Reader App Store as a web-based app store. You can download over 33,000 apps with no registration, in one click.

Do you have an App Store Client for Android?

YES! We really recommend you download our official client for Android HERE.

Do you support Paid Apps?

Yes we do! Our web based version has the support to pay for apps and receive serial codes where needed. We have just updated our Android Client to support Paid downloads from within the app.

How do I install Apps or your App Store on my Android Tablet?

We have a great line of video tutorials on how to do it with all the major e-readers like the Amazon Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox, Blackberry Playbook and much more. https://apps.goodereader.com/app-loading-tutorials/

I have a Blackberry Playbook, Z10 or Q10, how do I load in Apps?

You need to download this essential software, it also has 5 video tutorials and written instructions on how to load in Android apps on your Blackberry device.


Attention Blackberry Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10 Phone users! You now have the ability to load in APK Files directly from this site using the latest firmware from Blackberry!

I am a Developer, can I submit my apps? 

We have created an extensive developers portal for studies and indies to use. You can submit your paid/free app and monitor downloads and statistics with our advanced tools. You can signup for a developer account for FREE.

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