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Stadium tower prevent Super


Stadium tower prevent Super

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Stadium tower prevent (Goal Defense) look), actually the mystery hidden among them.

As long as down as a defensive towers of the various players, even if complete the operation problems. The player’s task is very simple, is to use all kinds of athlete’s special advantage, to protect its games in the league, will shape bloated, like drugs before the foul red athletes all stopped and beat.

The game difficulty is high, in addition to because of a set of inclined (the enemy number very much), but also because the game using the honeycomb map layout, do not provide the specified defense line, the enemy in from the left along the prompt line, close to all the trophies, players must according to clew line, reasonable place athletes. Density is too high, may cause the enemy detours, waste placed in the middle of the athletes, but if too loose, also can let the enemy unimpeded closer to the cup.

Therefore, if put the athletes, the athletes will maximize effect, will be the focus of the game, the player’s core subject.

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