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Little Dragons

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Monsters, zombies and pets are for chumps! Raise a dragon today! Create your own village where dragons rule the sky.
A brief story and dragon history full of adventures:
Many centuries ago, in the lands of the north dominated by vikings, legends were more than just tales of heroism and valor – they were real. Life was tough for the common villager and there was a livid animosity towards the Viking nobles – a common rage. Led by the shining star King Buliwyf -once a big local hero (a super, superstar), he united the viking clans as brothers in arms, whom he referred to as “My People” or “My Tribe” against a common enemy – dragons!
The area once known as the Horde's Nest which lay behind the Vale of Negowrath, streaming with many kinds of dragons and only the bravest of vikings dared to venture close to this great empire. The Horde's Nest was broken up into various kingdoms, each led by a different dragon king. The fiercest of these of these dragon kings was King Drago who oversaw the Kingdom of Era, a great city. He commanded much respect from the other kingdoms and the vikings were most afraid of his wrath – and of course, his lust for treasure – jewel, gem, diamond and coin alike – among other minerals of the deep.
Many battles were fought between the vikings and dragons – and much blood was spilled. It wasn't unitl the great Battle of Erafjord (aka The Great War), fought shortly after the plague, that the viking nations were able to wrest control of the Horde's Nest away from the dragons and crush them. Paper was readied at the Temple of Monast and a treaty to draw was cut between King Drago and King Buliwyf that created a long lasting peace between these warring people's and dragons (not a doodle of simple words). Many dragons were angry about this as vikings walked away from battle with all the glory but the peace has lived on.
How was something like this possible you might ask? The plague you guess? Bingo! The plague had a much more devastating effect on the dragons compared to the vikings – which left the dragon kingdoms weak and vulnerable and on the run, having lost so many of their own. The speed and skill of the vikings as well their blitz strategy was no match for the dragons. Racing for their lives that were hanging by a thread left dragons to scramble for a lasting peace with the occassional clash that led to a viking bash or two – but for the most part revenge was dead. Talking amongst themselves – peace was the best, if not only option on the table (a great crime to many dragons leaving many kicking themselves). Peace has been so well founded that you'll find dragons and viking sitting around a fire listening to the elders play some folk music.
A fun theme for all ages.
Little Dragons is free to play but incorporates in-app purchases.
Tap to remove plants, rocks and trees on the island park maps
Top dragon game on the Google Play store!
Amazing tiny dragons in your pocket!
Chat with your friends in the social area of the app.
Shop at many stores in the main town where you'll find a bakery, a modern castle, burger restaurant and even a casino where dragons can play poker!
Catch some fish for your dragon – they love fish! It also helps dragons jump higher!
Decorations include a tiki, a stone tower, a wagon full of hay, a water well, a grand hotel, an armor machine and an ice sculpture of a ninja.
Dragons like fashion so decorate islands!
Use a rope as a leash to move your dragons around.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor by evolving your dragons!
Use energy farms to grow dragons.
Don't feed your dragons candy – that's real bad!
Dragons start out as little boys and girls.
Habitats have 3-4 slots for dragons.
Have a great day and we'll see you in the movies!
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