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BorderWar Galactic Warfare


BorderWar Galactic Warfare

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The Human race has colonized vast reaches of space and in the process encountered an old alien civilization that is hell bent on wiping out other intelligent species. This marked the beginning of an inter-stellar war that has been going on since the last 56 years. The human race has suffered countless losses but the aliens fared even worse, leading to their retreat!

Play as a new recruit in the space fleet and destroy the aliens! Pursue the retreating aliens to their home worlds and wipe them out!

Use the Plasma Cannon, your primary weapon, to turn the alien ships into space junk!
If the enemies begin to overwhelm you with their numbers activate the Hull Buster missiles and the Deflector Blast, your super powerful secondary weapons, and lay waste to a huge number of alien ships in a single shot.

Some enemies will drop weapon boosts that can be activated by tapping on them. This will give a temporary boost to your primary weapon by spreading the fire into multiple trails.

Go to the Hangar to upgrade the Plasma Cannon, Hull Buster and the Deflector Blast using the credits earned by destroying the alien ships

The final war for humanity’s survival is now in your hands!

1. Countless hours of ultimate Sci-fi Action
2. Many worlds to conquer
3. Available for Free
4. Easy to use controls
5. In-app purchases
6. Social integration via Zapak Connect
7. Redeem Zapak Connect tokens earned in-game for real world goodies/discounts

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