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The Bodybuilding Game


The Bodybuilding Game

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Just Launched!

Perform exercises and see the results on your character… you are starting out as a beginner bodybuilder, gain mass throughout your exercises and advance in levels. See how your character grows, each muscle is trained individually by performing 12 different exercises that affect several muscles at once.

“Finally, an app that makes you want to go to the gym” – The Guardian UK

The Bodybuilding Game – The real men’s mobile application. Socialize, workout and continue your bodybuilding and fitness routine *after* leaving the Gym!

A realistic, mobile fitness and bodybuilding simulation game for Android that you can download for free. Choose a character out of three males and two females and hit the virtual gym, train and organize your workout by performing various exercises. Each exercise consumes a different amount of calories and affect a different group of muscles. Your energy is regained throughout the day, up to 2,000 calories, you gain mass by training and becoming big.

Your goal is to become big, as big as possible! Lift weights, throw your dumbbells… complete your sets and play this competitive game with your bodybuilder friends.

After downloading the bodybuilding game, android users can learn how to train, how to persist in their training and excel in bodybuilding. Track your progress and see the results on your character, your character looks the way you choose to train it! Anyone can enjoy and download this bodybuilding app, not just bodybuilders! You’ll find it exciting to see the progress reflected on your character’s looks.

Login to Facebook (optional) in order to compete against your friends that play the bodybuilding game, compare your level, body mass and experience.

Check out our complete list of features:

Character Management

– 5 different customizable characters with different physiques
– 3 males and 2 females
– Customize each character:
– Set facial expression, beard, hat, hair style and sunglasses
– See the results on your character
– The image of your character will look just as you train it!
– The results speak for themselves!

Training and Exercises

– Each exercise affects a different group of muscles
– 12 different exercises to perform: Bench Press, Biceps Curls, Triceps Extension, Wrist Curl, Squats, Leg Curl, Calf Raise, Incline Sit-up, Shoulder Press, Incline Row, Barbell Shrug and Deadlift
– 12 different muscle groups to train: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Pecs (chest), Abs, Deltoids, Trapezius, Lats, Lower Back, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Calves

Statistics and Tracking

– Track you weight, level and experience as you train each time
– Track your muscles progress graphically after each workout
– Each muscle level is contributing to your overall weight/mass


– Easily login to Facebook and compare your progress among your bodybuilder friends
– Compare these statistics: level, weight (mass) and experience (XP).
– Motivational feedback by competing online agasint your friends
– Invite your bodybuilder friends to download the bodybuilding game and play with you, it’s free and it’s easy


– A short step-by-step instructional tutorial to get you started
– Cool workout music that will keep you in shape!
– Motivational and inspiring game, makes you want to go to the Gym!
– Built-in store, buy virtual supplemental energy bars 🙂
– Suitable for both male and female bodybuilders, the mass is adjusted accordingly.
– Funny job offers that are refreshed hourly, earn credits

And we are just getting started, download the bodybuilding game now and inspire your friends, together you can grow and excel in bodybuilding.

You can use this application and workout on your android device, if it runs Android 1.5+

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+ Added support for devices with resolution lower than 480×800
+ Get 2,500 Credits for logging in to facebook
+ Lots of bug fixing

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