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Football Game by Hand and Foot


Football Game by Hand and Foot

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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We develop a real-time multimodal football game based on hand and foot gesture interaction. The application renders the game graphics and game status information using smart phone’s screen, audio and vibration. Augmented reality image rendering technology is employed in the immersive football game.

The game rules are as following:
1. The player interacting-foot must be in mobile camera view for 5-10 sec for detection and localization.
2. After interacting-foot is labelled on the smart phones screen, the user should press “start” button on the screen.
3. The football will always bounce back and forth on the whole screen area till end of the game.
4. The player should try to keep the football (using touch and kicks) under his/her control.
5. The player should try to kick the football and always prevent it going to goalpost with hands-gesture(i.e. touch on the smart phone screen). The kicking direction is shown on screen.
6. In order to prevent the ball entering into the goalpost, the player should dribble the ball and shoot to different direction of the goalpost.
7. The player will get 1 score if s/he touch (by kicking) the football once.
8. The game will be over if the football enters into the highlighted goalpost.

In this study, we present a novel approach for multimodal approach based on hand and foot interaction for smart phone. The proof of concept system is an immersive foot-
ball game on smart phone. For this game user controls the ball using hands and foot gesture on smart phone. The foot gesture is detected and traced by smart phone camera sensor.

Based on the optimized interaction approach, we combine both foot and hand gestures as input and render game feedback to the users using vibrotactile patterns (both
on hands and foot), sound and vision. We have conducted a user study regarding the mood changes of the player as a measure of acceptability of the multimodal interaction in smart phones. Through the analysis of the results, it is found that
the combination of multiple input and output is an intuitive method for novice users. The combination of modalities provide an enhanced immersive experience and it allows players to mobilize more body part for multitasking interaction.

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