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Wrestling Revolution Game wwe


Wrestling Revolution Game wwe

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Thanks to everybody that supported the “Pay-Per-View” shows and helped to make Wrestling Revolution the most popular wrestling game on mobiles! Those preset shows are now free for all as the focus shifts to YOU telling your own stories. You can even take a good run at the new “Career” mode for free, before upgrading to “Pro” status whenever you want to get serious.

Create your own star and immerse yourself in gaming’s biggest ever wrestling universe – featuring over 300 characters spread across 9 different promotions! Embark on an endless career full of possibilities, as you attempt to make the right moves backstage as well as in the ring.

Or simply blow off steam in “Exhibition” matches of your own creation – where YOU make the rules, pick the players, and design the arena. Upon turning pro, your editing privileges even extend to saving your changes to all 300+ characters in your own ever-evolving universe. If you wish to restore the default universe, simply reinstall the game.

As this is an early release, don’t hesitate to report any bugs or inconsistencies. There will be regular updates featuring new storylines, moves, costumes, arenas, and weapons…

* Virtual buttons are available in the “Options”. Play through the tutorial for full instructions.
– TOUCH anywhere in the arena to walk towards it.
– SWIPE to run or trigger moves.
– TAP your opponent to attack that part of their body.
– PINCH to grab or pick-up.
– PART your fingers to taunt, pin, or cancel an action.
– Touch the clock to PAUSE the game, and then the arrow to EXIT.

– Touch either side of a value or box to browse its contents left or right.
– When selecting characters, touching their slot once will display their stats and touching again will proceed to access them. Touch the company logo to choose a different roster.
– Hold your finger over a character slot to move it and switch with another. Move it to the company logo to switch rosters.
– At the calendar screen, touch any date to view its contents. Touch your character to edit them, touch their stats to train, touch the company logo to view the whole roster, touch the match title to see an exact description of the rules.
– When setting up an exhibition, touch a character to replace them and touch the match title to change the rules. From that screen, touch the table icon to add weapons and touch the ring icon to edit the arena.
– Touch any speech bubbles to speed up conversations.

– Click the “Insert Coin” icon on the main menu to subscribe to “Pro” status for $1 per month.
– Please allow a few seconds for your purchase to be acknowledged before trying to activate Pro features.
– If you cancel a subscription, you still get to enjoy Pro status for the remainder of the month – but the game will revoke your privileges eventually if you choose to do this.
– Upon reinstalling the game, it will automatically try to reactivate your Pro status so long as you have access to the Internet.

– This game requires Adobe AIR. Please allow it to install to improve performance across all compatible devices.
– If you know your device can only handle a certain number of wrestlers onscreen, please specifiy this limitation in the “Display” options.
– If you find that your device struggles when viewing the many character slots, consider switching to “Basic” text and turning off the “Portraits”.

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Recent changes:
– New costumes and characters.
– New weapons – including explosives!
– Barbed wire ropes.
– New storylines and news events.
– Managers must now work for the same company as their clients.

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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  • what great game its great white game!
    starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-16
    great game 😀
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