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War 2 Victory

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Based on the hit WAR2 game series with 3,000,000 monthly active users and 13 languages across multiple platforms, the FREE MMO strategy game War 2 Victory now lands on Google Play. Seek honor and glory in the battlefields of WWII. Take charge of either Allied or Axis forces and build a lone outpost into a mighty war machine.
Build, Expand, and CONQUER!
What you will experience in War 2 Victory?
-Expert battle system. Rapid turn-based combat puts you in charge, allowing intricate control of over 30 historically accurate units. Crush your enemies with massed infantry, a blitzkrieg of tanks, swooping bombers, mighty battleships, or stand unconquerable behind an invincible line of fortifications.
-Detailed Resource Management. Control multiple cities, each producing a variety of resources, and manage a growing workforce. Build up your industry, feed your army, and turn your citizens into soldiers or factory workers.
-Develop new technologies to unlock powerful new units, strengthen old ones, or boost your industry.
-Play with thousands of people across the globe. Form powerful Alliances with fellow players to crush your opponents and wage epic wars against other alliances.
-Intuitive missions system guides you through your early development, assuring you get right into the action.
– Free to download and play!
What’s NEW in this Brand New Updated Version?
– Newly created Equipment! More powerful and better balanced new equipments will make your officers stronger than ever.
-Easier-to-follow Mission Series! It’s a treasure especially for newcomers. You will find the missions a guide that can help you to get promoted much smoother and gain a great deal of unprecedented useful stuff!
-Free Troops! No longer do you need to wait for days before you can have advanced troops to crush your enemy like a bug. Join now and have your free powerful troops EVERYDAY!
-War2 Victory Hall of Fame! Leave your name in history! You can build up a real Reputation by joining the Launching Events.
-Xmas Event! You may not be able to build Rome in one day, but with the free resources and speedups available during the Xmas and New Year Event, you can get your city built up into a real stronghold within the week.

Troops you can build in the game:

AV: Sd.Kfz.251
Light Tank: Panzer IV
Heavy Tank: King Tiger
SPG: Sd. Kfz.166
Rocket: V-2
Fighter: Bf 109
Bomber: Stuka
Destroyer: Z Class
Submarine: U-boat
Battleship: Bismarck
Carrier: Graf Zeppelin
SF: ME 262
Light Tank: Sherman
Heavy Tank: IS-3
SPG: SU-76
Rocket: Katyusha
Fighter: P-38 Lighting
Bomber: B-17
Detroyer: Fletcher Class
Submarine: Gato Class
Battleship: King George Ⅴ
Carrier: Ark Royal
SF: Commandos
HEROS you’ll be able to recruit in the game:
Albert Kesselring
Albert Speer
Alex Novikov
Alfred Keller
Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Archibald Wavell
Carl A. Spaatz
Claire Lee Chennault
Claude Auchinleck
Ernst B. Chain
Erwin Schrödinger
Ewald von Kleist
Hans Kroh
Herbert Otto Gille
Ivan Konev
James Franck
Kirill Moskalenko
Kliment Voroshilov
Otto Kumm
R. J. Mitchell
Robert Ritter von Greim
Rudolf Lehmann
Semyon Budyonny
Simon Lake
Theodor Eicke
Walter Hess
William Halsey
Fedor von Bock
George Marshall
Hans Krebs

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