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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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CategoryGames - Shooting


Operation is a simple gun shooting game.
Please beat the gang and boss who appear one after another by hit and away.
Can you rescue a hostage and can greet a happy end!?

【How to play】
It will shoot, if a screen is touched and aim will appear and detach.
It guards, while having touched within the limit of[Defense].
If a fixed number of gangs are beaten, a boss will appear.
It is a level clearance when a boss is beaten.
If it hits a gang’s bullet or a hostage (woman) is shot, a life will decrease.
It is game over when a life is lost.
As for Continue, any number of times are possible.
An item may appear on a hostage’s head.
An item will be got if it shoots well.
・Dollar bag : 500 points are added to Score.
・Shield : prevent a gang’s bullet for a definite period of time.
・Power Bomb : The gang (except a boss) who has appeared is wiped out.
・Heart : one life increases.

※ sound by 音楽素材/魔王魂

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