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Squiggle Racer 8 Bit Race Game


Squiggle Racer 8 Bit Race Game

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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We dare you to make just one lap! If you think you’re good enough to survive our tracks, then prove it!

Because nothing makes us happier than killing your productivity, for the next 48-hours we’ve removed all ads from the game. Spread the word and enjoy some ad-free game play!

**** PLEASE READ ****
Note: Only for consideration, you can give any rating you wish, but we can probably both avoid a 1 star review (as much as we appreciate every single star) if you consider the following:

Do you like games that are REALLY hard, yes REALLY hard?? Did you find the Flappy Bird game / clone WAY too easy… good, this game is for you! Don’t think it’s as easy as it looks! Yes, it’s that hard, you might not get a single lap in without a bit of practice, but once you do, its just oh sooooo sweet!!

Some of you *cough* recent reviewer, may just not find this game fun, and that’s ok, because you might not find a lot of things fun, like, rocks, or…. footprints, dang it, none of those things are fun. You get my point, you’re only going to be as entertained as your heart desires. 😀

If you have feature requests or found a bug, we don’t respond kindly to single stars, as their star power is limited, 3 or 4 stars combined have the power to motivate us, OR, you could just find our contact information on with the added bonus that you’ll have more characters with which to yell at us!

Also, we’re working on an Android video promo, for now the one played on the iPad will have to do. 😀


New Feature:

Test out the 4 lap trial for our new gameplay mode the “Track Endurance Challenge”. Unlock the unlimited challenge to go further!

Featured on:
★ “Top 10 new Android games this week: Squiggle Racer, Threes!” – Android and Me
★ “Daily App: Squiggle Racer makes 8-bit car racing frustratingly fun” –
★ “Squiggle Racer – The most irritating game since Flappy Bird” –
★ “The best time wasting games in a post-Flappy Bird world” – Android and Me

★ “Addictive. Straight addictive . I want to break it sometimes but it’s a lot of fun !”
★ “Love this game! Gets my heart racing to keep getting laps. So much fun!”
★ “This game is frustratingly addictive. Fun and and keeps me wanting to get more laps”
★ “This a a fun but quite difficult game to get the hang of. Feels pretty good once you figure out how to use the controls.”

Features include:
-Simple and fun gameplay
-Beautiful pixel art graphics
-All Track Challenge for a mix of gameplay
-Multiple race tracks to choose from, each with unique challenges.
-Earn laps on all tracks to be the total track lap leader!
-Score leaderboards and achievements!

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