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3D Drag Race 2


3D Drag Race 2

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A huge fan of 3D Drag Race already? Well, then we’re pretty sure you’ve got quite picky since we first launched our drag racing “mania”, so we’re ready to challenge you with its improved version: 3D Drag Race 2! Enjoy its truly jaw-dropping, realistic 3D graphics, a major “spoil” for that real 3D racing games addict inside you!

Let’s see now, can you remember the game controls from the first version of the game? The apparently “easy” goal of the game is for you to pay attention to the on-screen light there and tap your throttle, while revving, keeping your RPM around the green zone, before that traffic light turns green. Practice makes it perfect, so don’t get too disappointed if you don’t manage to do a perfect shift from the very beginning! Enjoy the race and specially: enjoy racing behind the wheel of some of your dream super cars, for that’s the true beauty of this racing game and what makes it stand apart from all the 3D drag racing games that you’ve played before: adrenaline-rising speed upgraded by some breathtaking gorgeous drag racing cars!

Speaking of cars, as you might already expect, as a huge, huge fan of our very first version of the game (aren’t you?), when it comes to all those stunning vehicles that you can to drive: things could not get any better for you as a super cars addict, as a car racing games fan and as a skillful drag racer. If you ever fantasized about driving behind the wheels of some of the most powerful super-cars, hyper-cars and other deluxe luxury limousines, here’s your chance to drag race in a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari 458 or a posh Aston Martin. The super cars games’ collection that we’re ready to reward your efforts with is divided into several categories ranging from sport cars, to sport coupe cars, such as Lotus Elise or Jaguar XKR, muscle cars… classic super cars, super cars, such as Ferrari 458 Italia or Audi R8 … to sport luxury cars.

Speed up and drag race to the limit in your unbelievable 3 dimensional car! With such great graphics and realistic approach, you bet you will soon get addicted to the amazing 3d drag race adventure. Let the awesomeness of this ride drive you through the high-streets as you race to the top, striving to become the best. There can only be one champion, so challenge your friends and make sure you set the records straight on who’s the best driver out of all those 3D drag racing games for android fans who’re testing their skills by playing this game here. As the competition gets tougher and tougher, make sure you learn the right tricks and tips in this fantastic 3D game.

Don’t forget to push the nitro button for an extra boost of speed and, as the 3D drag race challenges your reaction times, your driving skills and your ability to shift gears and fine-tune your car to the maximum, prove you can handle any racing competition and task out there! So, push the pedal to the floor and dominate all the rivals you’ll be facing, like a true professional driver, like a true 3D racing games pro’!

Use your fame points wisely on those for upgrading your posh rides every time you need to. You can fancy up your current 3D car or you can as well use the points accumulated to change it with a new stunning one. Unlock hidden boss cars just like in the first version of our 3D Drag Race game and strive to gain all the available super upgrades and add-ons that we’ve enriched the 3D Drag Race 2 version with, probably one of the most addictive 3D car games out there!

Less talking now and more… speed drag racing! Prove that you’re more than just a 3D drag racing games passionate, but a true a master of the perfect shifts and earn your right to upgrade your already spectacular looking super car or to replace it with an even more breathtaking, closer to perfection, type of ideal car, over and over again! Enjoy the ride and the fancy cars’ parade!

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