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3D Speed Racing Game


3D Speed Racing Game

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Let me guess: you're “guilty” of being helplessly addicted to racing games! Well, I'm sure you're a highly picky addict, too, right? Then, what would you say if I told you that we've put together jaw-dropping, sleek, super racing cars and eye-catchy 3D graphics with adrenaline-rising speed and super challenging car driving tests to pass as a daring, speed-addicted driver, all in one game: 3D Speed Racing Game?
Even before you get to jump behind your super car's wheel and before you push the pedal and you almost lose your breath as you reach intense speed, even from its title screen you can easily call it “one of the most amazing car games that you've ever got the chance to play on your Android phone”! A simple quick look at the shiny, sleek sports car on your touchscreen, at its “inflamed” tires, will instantly stir the will to make it reach intense speed!
Before you get to do that, you'll get informed about its tilt left and right type of game-play, which you must definitely be already well familiarized with if you're used to playing 3D driving games, about the usage of the on-screen acceleration and brake buttons and, you'll find out all about the valuable upgrades you'll get to “reward” your jaw-dropping car with if you manage to pass all those super challenging driving tests. You'll get to boost the maximum speed it can reach, to buy acceleration, breaking or handling upgrades, which will all turn your race car into a true “four-wheeled lightening”, reaching the speed of light, there, on the burning highway!
Ready to respond to the first challenge of what seems to be one of future best-rated car games for Android? Prove you can handle mind-blowing speed while remaining very cautious lest you should bump your car into all those obstacles scattered on the circuit such as tires or road construction signs. As you advance, make sure to collect the valuable bonuses, too, like golden coins, thus improving up your car's performance, or clock symbols, which will help you gain precious time. The 3D driving experience is highly addictive, you'll see, for this is one one of those driving games which best simulates the experience of driving a highly speedy super car. In no time you'll feel as if you've actually rolling down this virtual highway and as if you're actually driving your super sports car at maximum speed!
Each level that you'll manage to complete will grant you valuable money that you could use for buying some of those priceless upgrades. I'm sure you'd agree that we cannot speak about super engaging car games if they don't feature some great upgrades to go for, right? Also, as you advance from the level of a beginner to that of well-experienced driver, you'll be facing new and new challenging driving tests. If in the first levels keeping your super car as little damaged as possible, by avoiding those nasty obstacles, is your main goal, as you advance, collecting the scattered bonuses will be equally important as well as… handling your car like a pro' at increasing speed. You'll be racing down like hell on those highways or city streets there, passing by cars, trees or city buildings at incredible speed! If you're a picky 3D car games fan, as we think you are, you will no doubt love being constantly challenged to take driving tests which increase in difficulty form one level to another.
Why should you settle for less, when it comes to driving games, when you can have both great 3D graphics and engaging game-play, both breathtaking super cars available for you to drive and highly challenging car driving tests to pass all in one game: 3D Speed Racing Game?

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