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Tiny Zombie Wars


Tiny Zombie Wars

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The Zombie war has erupted and the fate of the world lays in Bob, Pete’s and Harold’s filthy hands!

Be a zombie hero and bring your friends back to life – in Tiny Zombie Wars!

They are green-handed, they have green faces… they are completely green… and they’re called Bob, Pete and Harold!

From all of the fighting that Brainy Bob has been through – you wouldn’t be surprised that he has started to lose hope… but fear not! For you are going to save the world by helping him collect brains! See, Brainy Bob once had friends, but when the zombie apocalypse broke out – they were killed and he was left to fend for himself.

You must help Brainy Bob to gather the brains left. These brains are the only thing that can bring back his two best buddies: Punky Pete and Happy Harold!

However, Brainy Bob is actually a zombie! He is seen as a flesh-eating, dead villain… but all he really wants to do is collect brains… not eat them! In this ‘brain-bending’, ‘skin-crawling’ 2D platformer game, you must collect brains along your endless path. It’s not a happy stroll in the park as the hunters are out to get you!

The three known as Hillbilly Harry, Short Shot Sam and Beefcake Biff are seen by many as heroes because they slay the zombies. What they don’t know is that the zombies aren’t as bad as they seem, in-fact, they never wanted to hurt anyone!

Sometimes Brainy Bob, Punky Pete and Happy Harold have to stop the three menaces in their path… so they shoot obstacles from their green, ugly hands! Play as one of the characters and collect as many brains as possible!

Parents can unlock Kids Mode – a great way to have the peace of mind next time your child decides to play Tiny Zombie Wars… this ensures that none of the Hero character die and your child can play continuously!

Tiny Zombie Wars is a great game to play whenever you have a spare minute, and you will adore the cartoony graphics and comical characters as you stumble throughout the land in search of br-a-i-nnn-sss!

Help Brainy Bob is his quest to gather brains – in Tiny Zombie Wars.

★ A 2D, fun and comical platformer!
★ Addictive and endless gameplay!
★ Shoot obstacles from your zombie hands!
★ Unlock Pete and Harold in your quest!
★ Kids Mode for invincibility!
★ Upgrade to remove ad for an uninterrupted experience!
★ Suitable for the whole family!

Content rating: Low Maturity

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