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Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun


Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Skateboarding Monsters! Awesome.
Jump and glide to collect the powerups, gain experience, and unlock new Monsters for your collection.
– Lots of great Monsters to collect.
– Great runner / jumping game with sweet powerups and a range of locations.
– Level up your Monsters and gain coins to purchase more Monsters!
– Look after your Monsters and keep them feeling loved!
– Hours of fun for Free!
Play Monster Jump for FREE and start your collection today! Which Monster will you ride with first?
In Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun you leap about in an endless runner game. It is a real thrill to dash along leaping about and doing tricks and trying a big stunt. Try to keep your tires on the asphalt and dash along at speed without going offroad!
There are loads of Monsters to collect in Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun. There are big fluffy ones like Bertie and little cute ones like Meep. There is a crazy Truck called LorryTron and many more besides. Devila waddles like a penguin. You need to collect them all!
Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun is great fun for any age, you and your friends will love to play. It is easy to get into for kids but can be challenging enough for adults as the levels give a real challenge to adults and teenagers. As the level gets going at its hardest you will feel the heat ! Don’t get angry when you meet a stickly end!
In the jump runner game you ride a skateboard and tap the screen to jump over gaps in the floor. Collect exciting power ups. There are different backgrounds like the dragon mountains covered in ice and snow, the desert with temples and even a level where you float through space! It is fun to watch your Monsters jumping about and singing to you as they do it. Climb the hill and skate and glide down the other side.
Try to stick to the race and land on each platform. You will be racing against your best ever time Dash along at top speed and draw level with your best time. Your skateboard rider need to go faster than a bike or even a car! This is a big like beign one of those free runners who like running through the city jumping on a car and a taxi (and upsetting my gran).
You and your friends will love collecting all the cute monsters. Then getting to jump from island to island with them in the running and jumping game. If you get a long way you start to get faster and faster, have you got the skills to reach super sonic speeds? Collect powerups and fly up into the air like a rocket. Dash like a secret agent past the mountains and clouds and set an awesome score.
Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun is all you ever wanted in a runner game. Loads of Monsters, loads of locations and all for free! You will be Happy you downloaded this runner, platforming, type game. My collection was fun to make and my friends are all playing too, although they don't have as many monsters as me!
This is a mega cool great game for Kids, Kids will love all the awesome fun mini games and it is easy to pick up. Its free thats zero pou nds or dollars. They will like the funny silly parts and the fun jumping game. Monster Jump = Happy.
Monster Jump : Run 4 Fun is a Super Cool FREE game so why not give it a try today! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,go!

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