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Pou for Android


Pou for Android

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UpdatedFebruary 5, 2015
Installs1847 times
CategoryGames - Casual


Do you have what it takes to take care of your very own alien pet?! Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. How will YOU customize your POU?

* Feed and take care of Pou, and watch it grow!
* Play Games in the Game Room and collect Coins!
* Experiment with Potions at the Lab!
* Customize Pou’s appearance!
* Try out new Outfits, Hats and Eyeglasses!
* Customize each room’s Wallpaper!
* Unlock Achievements and Special items!
* Visit and play with your friends!
* Talk to Pou and listen back!

We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Pou and add new stuff! If you have any issue with the game, just contact us and we will help you! (we can’t reply to comments)! 🙂

Pou is available in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Chinese and Arabic.

pou alien virtual pet cute monster toy tamagotchi virtuelles Haustier バーチャルペット mascota 虚拟宠物 виртуального питомца สัตว์เลี้ยงเสมือน 가상 애완 동물

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    • bien
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-09-09
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-08-07
    • Me Encanta Deberían Descargarlo e§ Muy Buena Aplicación y Muy Divertido
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-05-31
      me encanta
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-05-08
    • yah
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-04-14
      no cacas 🙂 coman caca todos
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-29
    • frumos
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-23
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-18
    • graasias a pou olvide mis miedos
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-02-24
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-30
    • I love this game mine has a golden mohak wich is called punk
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-09
      si esta bien padre
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-03
    • esta súper lindo me encanta cuando tiene hambre pone unos ojos como de borrego
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-29
      I love this game
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-21
    • Mi pou se llama agusmicha porfavor likes! esta muy chulo
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-19
      really good game 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-18
    • pousa
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-11-22
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-11-22
    • love
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-11-03
      Pou es un juego genial deberían poner más actualizaciones
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-29
    • jjajaajjajaja:-) gh
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-13
      el pou tiene un virus qe te tilda la tablet
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-30
    • cute!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-27
      does any one know ho to update this app
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-22
    • josue galletas
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-19
      actualizar pou
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-24
    • game incredible 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-19
      me llamo xime jajaja y esta geniallll
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-18
    • si alguien sabe como actualizarlo diganme buen juego 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-11
      aparesco como ema15032001 like yvte lo devuelvoooo ppd: nicolas mensi de monte hermso bs as argentna
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-09
    • like
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-07
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-22
    • you should have us make 1 pou then when it gets old enough buy another pou and when that gets old enough have the 2 make a baby
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-20
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-15
    • bueno
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-14
      Die besste Unterhaltung!!:D
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-10
    • hay
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-09
      cute and fun game!love it
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-05
    • aaaaaaaaaaa
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-21
      love this awesome game!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-17
    • hay
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-17
      ay no lo puedo jugar :/
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-11
    • i can't downald anythink
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-09
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-07
    • todo genial me podeis decirme k hacer para actualizar pou os lo agradeceria mucho. 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-02
      Einfach knuffig, i Love it. ;D
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-24
    • I just updated mine now it has breakfast:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-24
      esta suave
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-24
    • mi pou se llama espia44¡por favor ponedme likes!los devuelvo
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-16
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-14
    • fuck you
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-09
      grande pou
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-08
    • top
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-06
      is this really a chunk op poop
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-02
    • l'm very happy
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-27
      super entretenido
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-26
    • awesom game(:
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-25
      nagyon jo
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-21
    • is this really a chunk of poop
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-17
      io voglio fare l"aggiornamentoo
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-15
    • I hate it it is not working. by me it is not downloading and plz make it download
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-09
      so cool 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-06
    • thank you pou
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-04
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-02
    • jogos. coletivos
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-01
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-27
    • muy buena aplicacion
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-21
      he's so cute and cool!!!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-20
    • its a funny game
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-17
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