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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A fast, free pocket reference for the Pokemon series of games. All 649 Pokemon are included, from the original Red/Blue set to the newest forms in Black2/White2.
Full move sets from all game versions are indexed, just set the version to the one you’re playing. By default it uses the newest move sets from Black2/White2.
Location data is available for all versions, including Black2/White2.
Instant search option available for Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, and Locations.
Add Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, and Locations to Favorites for quick access.
Internet permission is required for small, unobtrusive ads on the main landing page. Ads will never be shown covering up any data or getting in the way of any functions of the program. No personal data is collected by the author for use in any way.

Pokedextra is packaged with images and data from Pokemon games. This is intellectual property of Game Freak, Nintendo, and their affiliates. Use in this program is for reference only. The program would be renderered ineffective without said data, and would significantly impair its worth to the user.
In addition, the data used comprises only a small part of the Pokemon franchise, and features no reference to plot or other devices used to make it successful. Publication of this work does not diminish the value of the franchise by any significant factor.
As such, the author believes it is covered by applicable fair use laws.

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