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TiltMaster Tablet LITE


TiltMaster Tablet LITE

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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This is like playing wii on your tablet!

TiltMaster uses the latest 3D engine to bring you a tablet griping experience, this is like playing wii on your tablet with the use of accelerometer. The player controls rotatable platforms by tilting their phones or tablets, use the on screen buttons to move, the goal is simple, help our hero get to the portal. You will face many challenges, can you conquer them all? This fun and exciting game will waste hours of your valuable time, and you will not regret any second of it.

This is a fun paste action game where you solve some puzzles along the way.


Somewhere in the universe, a barren lifeless planet was floating in the endless void, after many eons of isolation, a being came to this barren world and transformed it into a lush world full of life and wonder. He wanted to create a world of simple elegance, so he gave his creations simple geometric body shapes. Among them, a sentient race formed the centre piece of his creation. However, within this race there are varying body shapes, they are: Cubes, Spheres, Hexagons, and Octagons.

After everything was set in motion, the being sat back and watched. As time slowly pasted, the sentient race developed their own believe system and social order. From tales pasted down to them since the beginning, they believed the creator is very different from them, particularly unlike them, the creator is formed by different shapes constructed together into an work of wonder. They called him the being of many phases. As a result, they believed the more phases one has the more they resemble their creator, thus more superior. From this believe system they form a social hierarchy based purely on the shape of their bodies, Octagons at top, followed by Hexagons, Cubes and lastly Spheres.

This is when our story begins, as their civilization progressed, so did population and injustice, from which intolerance grew. The Spheres, lowest of the social order have to face perpetual discrimination, they often worked as slaves and blamed for all that is wrong with the world. Than its no surprise they revolted, they tried to enlist the help of the Cubes, as they are the second lowest of the social order. However most of the Cubes felt even though they are also victims of the system, they enjoy the benefit of enslaving and stepping on the spheres more than the pain inflicted by their injustice at the hands of the Octagons and Hexagons. Therefore, they refused to join the spheres to overthrow the system.

So, a bloody war broke out, hatred boiled into spewed blood, justice mangled with regret, victory lead to vengeance. This bloody war lasted longer than anyone could remember or ever forget.

However, one day, a lowly sphere discovered the location of an ancient portal through lore pasted down from his forefathers. The portal is believed to be the entrance to the creator’s dream, at the end of the dream is where the being of many phases reside. He believe the only way to end this war and bring peace to his world is through that portal.

And now you must guide our hero through the creator’s dream………

Brought to you by Private Game Studio, Made just for you.

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