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Classic Games - Nu, Pogodi Eggs


Classic Games - Nu, Pogodi Eggs

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Classic Games – Nu, Pogodi Egg Hunt is one of those retro cartoon games, now available for Android. It’s simple, yet very addicting game, so download it now!

This cool game for kids is a new game based on a cartoon. Belonging to games for girls and boys, it is a funny game to play. Download this free game and start your egg hunt!

Do you like playing old games? How about old cartoon games? If the answer is yes, then this is the right game for you! Retro games are becoming increasingly popular and this fun game for kids, game for teens and adults is definitely one of them. The original version is based on a Russian cartoon named ‘Well, you just wait’ which follows the adventures of a silly, but creative wolf. Even though it is defined as another of kids’ games, the game is great for all ages. Who wouldn’t have fun with chasing eggs and tiring a wolf to exhaustion? Awaken your inner child and play the game of wolf and eggs, one of the best free games.

Being one of the best free addicting games, Classic Games – Nu, Pogodi Eggs features a wolf on an egg hunt. The aim of this popular game is to collect as many eggs, thus scoring as high as possible. However, if you drop an egg, you get a penalty point. Three negative points means game end, but if you drop an egg in the presence of the hare in the top left corner, you get only half a point off. If you know the cartoon and like it, this interesting game for children is definitely going to be your favorite.

The egg hunt game is a dynamic, addictive game. It consists of two levels, the latter being more modern than the first one. Therefore, both old game and more modern game lovers can enjoy it. As you start the game, the eggs come out one by one from one of the four trays with chicken. Yet, once you get up and going, the pace gets faster and the eggs start coming out quicker; even simultaneously. It is one of those free games for kids, which tests and improves one’s observation skills and hand-eye coordination. So, get your basket ready to beat the chicken!

Classic Games – Nu, Pogodi Eggs, an animal game for android, is now available for all retro games lovers. If you enjoy playing simple hunting old-school games and you like to download free games, do not hesitate to download this android app. Children games can be fun for everyone, so be a sport and help the wolf get his eggs! Download this free game and start your egg hunt!

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