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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Agro provides a riveting mix of luck and light strategy by combining uniquely-skilled heroes with pinball-inspired gameplay.

Select and launch heroes through danger-filled levels of pegs to wipe out wicked villains and secure valuable loot. Each hero has his or her own special ability and spunky style. Unlock new heroes, upgrade their abilities, and understand whose skills are best suited for each challenge to maximize your fun and ensure your success.Once you’ve carefully selected your heroes for battle, use Agro’s intuitive drag-and-release controls to shoot your heroes exactly where you want them to go. A carefully timed skill-activation may be the difference between death and victory so track your heroes closely and unleash their powers at just the right moment!

Position your heroes for triumph and hope luck stays on your side as you immerse yourself in the addicting gameplay of Agro!

Key Features

* Pick Up and Play – Agro blends the fast-paced action of pinball with the suspense of pachinko in a stage-based game with clear objectives and intuitive controls.

* Aim and Fire – Choose exactly where you want to shoot your heroes and let ‘em rip! Tweak your aim ever so slightly to find the sweet spot that earns you the most gold and glory.

* Earn Unique Heroes – A variety of rambunctious fighters, mages, and spirit-warriors is available to those that demonstrate valor and commitment in battle. Different heroes are better equipped for certain arenas so expand your roster to dominate all levels.

* Unleash Special Powers – Perfectly time the activation of your heroes’ powers and watch them eliminate swaths of enemies. Fuse and upgrade your heroes to increase the strength of their special skills.

* Eliminate Evil Enemies – Destroy the villains carefully situated within each arena to progress in your journey. Give all your heroes a shot at clearing each arena to identify their strengths and help them earn XP for hero upgrades.

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