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House Tutorial For Minecraft


House Tutorial For Minecraft

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UpdatedFebruary 4, 2014
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How to Make a House in Minecraft !!
Collections AMAZING Minecraft House .

Minecraft House Blueprints And Minecraft House Ideas

A house in Minecraft is essential to survival in Minecraft. Your house offers a safe shelter to mine, build, sleep, explore, and most importantly, stay safe from creepers and spiders that don’t go away in the morning. It’s simple to build a basic home in Minecraft, assuming that you’re just beginning the game.

Crafting Your Work Tools Construct a crafting bench. Make a crafting bench by gathering 4 wooden planks, which can be made from one bundle of wood. Place them in your inventory and fashion your crafting bench.
Craft a wooden pickaxe in order to start gathering stone. A wooden pick can be crafted by placing 3 wooden planks horizontally across the top row, and two sticks vertically in the middle column.Minecraft In your crafting bench
Gather enough stone (approximately 12 blocks) to make a stone pickaxe, a stone axe, and a stone shovel. Gather these stone blocks by mining stone with your wooden pickaxe.Minecraft
Make a stone pickaxe. Craft two sticks and three stone blocks just like you would a wooden pickaxe while substituting the stone for wood planks. In your crafting bench Make a stone axe. Craft two sticks and three stone blocks like this in order to craft a stone axe.

From beginner to the most advanced Minecraft player, this is the home building game guide and design idea app for you! This free game guide also includes a complete beginner’s guide to Minecraft!

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