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Virtual Teeth Cleaning


Virtual Teeth Cleaning

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Updated January 1, 2014
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If you are like most people, you dread going to the dentist! Regular dental prophylaxis, which is the dental term for a professional teeth cleaning, is required to maintain long-term dental health. In fact, good oral hygiene can not only help prevent gum disease and tooth decay, but may also protect against heart attack and stroke, not to mention being a key factor in avoiding halitosis, known as bad breath. In this interactive procedure, you will use a periodontal probe to assess the patient’s gum health and remove plaque and tarter with a scaler. Then you will use a prophylaxis paste to polish his teeth, rinse them with the air/water syringe, and then suction the water out of his mouth. Last, but not least, you will floss the patient’s teeth and review helpful tips for promoting dental health. Our patient is waiting, so let’s get started!

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