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Name That Military Hardware


Name That Military Hardware

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Test and improve your knowledge of military hardware with this fun and addictive trivia quiz game. Includes firearms, artillery, bladed weapons, aircraft, ships, ordinance and ordinance delivery systems, armored vehicles, general purpose vehicles and more.
Warships range from the great ships of the line that dominated the age of sail to the newest nuclear powered aircraft carriers.
Other ships include:
– The first ironclads
– The great capital ships (battleships, dreadnaughts, and battlecruisers) of the world wars
– Attack submarines and Ballistic Missile Submarines
– Escorts such as destroyers, cruisers, and frigates
– Boats such as landing craft and torpedo boats
Aircraft include:
biplanes and triplanes of WWI
attack and utility helicopters
air superiority fighters
strike fighter-bombers
strategic bombers
ground support
Ground vehicles include:
main battle tanks
infantry support tanks
armored personnel carriers
scouts and reconnaissance
half tracks
paladins (self propelled art)
Firearms include:
assault rifles
sub-machine guns
heavy machine guns
bolt action rifles
Each piece of hardware has an interesting history.
HMS Bulldog – The British destroyer that while on convoy duty in the North Atlantic, boarded the German uboat U-110 and captured a complete German enigma cipher machine and codebooks. As a result, the code breakers at Bletchley Park were able to break Nazi naval codes almost every day for the rest of WWII.
IJN Hiryū – One of the 6 Japanese carriers that took place in the Pearl Harbor Attack in December, 1941. She was the last Japanese carrier to be sunk during the Battle of Midway in June, 1942 after she was hit with 4 1,000 pound bombs during an attack from dive bombers operating from USS Enterprise.
RPG 7 – (Rocket Propelled Grenade) The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-tank weapon in the world. The RPG has been used in almost all conflicts across all continents since the mid-1960s from the Vietnam War to the present day War in Afghanistan. The vast majority of combat vehicles on the modern battlefield are vulnerable to an rpg attack.
Paris Gun – a long range siege gun used to bombard Paris during World War I
its shells were the first man made objects to reach the stratosphere
General Belgrano – A light cruiser of the Argentine Navy that was sunk by HMS Conqueror during the Falklands war. She is the only ship ever to have been sunk in anger by a nuclear-powered submarine.

How Score is calculated:
11 * percent correct / sqrt(average answer time)
+ 1.5 * number correct / sqrt(average answer time)
Note that only thinking time is considered. That is, the time between when you answer and advance to the next question is not counted.
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