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Lupus in Tabula

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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This app helps the Moderator of a Lupus in Tabula game. Using this app, the Moderator doesn't have to remember who the Werewolves are, who the Werewolves have attacked, who the Bodyguard has protected, who the Owl-man has suspected, and anything else.
The user defines the list of players and the list of characters for the game, and the app automatically assigns the characters at random.
The app then guides the Moderator through all the phases of the game, telling him what characters to call and what to say.
The app also checks for victory conditions and notifies them to the Moderator.
23 supported characters:
– Villager
– Werewolf
– Seer
– Medium
– Possessed
– Bodyguard
– Owl-man
– Freemason
– Werehamster
– Mythomaniac
– Hunter
– Wizard
– Sorceress
– Prostitute
– Chosen
– Angel of Villagers
– Angel of Wolves
– Son of Wolves
– Paladin
– Sorcerer
– Condemned
– Redeemed
– Devil
The characters assigned are shown one by one at the beginning of the game.
Complete description of the situation in a dedicated “Summary” panel.

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