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Mushroom Timer

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Mushroom Timer is a simple timer app that is designed for “Mushroom Garden” users.
Features of the App
1. You can choose from 15 minutes , 30 minutes, 1 hour , 4 hours , 8 hours of setup time. This is useful to prevent forgetting to hood.
2. Press App button, you can start the “Mushroom Garden” . It is useful because you can harvest mushrooms immediately.
Using the mushroom timer
1. Select the time you want to set the timer button from 15 minutes to 8 hours.
2. Timer will start when you press Start button.
3. You will be able to stop in the middle of the timer by pressing Stop button.
4. You can start another app If you press App button.
A list of apps that are installed will be displayed, please select the application you want to launch. It will start automatically the same app from the next time.
5. Press and hold the App button again. You can start the app different from the application that you selected once.
6 . You can open Help when the ? button is pressed.
Changes from Beta Version
1. It can now change the alarm sound.
2. It can now change the volume alarm sound.
3. It can now enable or disable the vibration.
4. It is now possible to turn on the screen and release the security lock.
5. We offer a premium option to be able to use the more convenient features.
6. Register the application up to three, you can now set the timer separately.
7. It can now change the finely timer time.
It is compatible with various games to “Mushroom Garden” other than. I have been tested and approved for use in the current game below.
– Mushroom Garden Seasons, Deluxe
– Robo Works, Robo Works Fever
– Alpaca Brother, Alpaca Brother Begins
– Battle of Cat
– Fishing Cat
– Cat Diary
– Ambition in Gunma
Thank you for downloading the “Mushroom Timer”. I think that there are such problems because it is developed by individuals. It survives very much, etc. have you comment on Google Play Store, and help us to improve the quality.
It survives this app if you have liked us , or muttered twitter, facebook, Google+, such as LINE, and able to be evaluated on Google Play Store . We are looking forward to your comments , as well as your requirements.
This app I've created in order to enjoy more “Mushroom Garden”, but is not an official app . Because I do not have any relationship with the developer of the ” Mushroom Garden ” , please do so is not the official site and comments or questions on this application .

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